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Names, emails and addresses of current Councillors

David Bond (Vice-Chairman)

104 Park Street

Heytesbury BA12 0HG

Tel: 01985 840398

Sarah Buttenshaw

1 Victoria Gardens

Heytesbury BA12 0HB

Tel: 01985 840501

Elizabeth Colvin

Mill Farm

Park Lane

Heytesbury BA12 0HE

Tel: 01985 850323

Tom Eastman

Raven Cottage

41 High Street

Heytesbury BA12 0EA

Tel: 01985 841650

Patricia Fellowes

69 High Street

Heytesbury BA12 0EB

Tel: 01985 841001

Leila Gould

99/100 Church Terrace

Tytherington Road

Heytesbury BA12 0EQ

Tel: 01985 840891

Derek Hiscock

1 Newtown

Heytesbury BA12 0HN

Tel: 01985 840814

01985 840814

Andrew Moore

65 High Street

Heytesbury BA12 0EB

Tel: 01985 840077

Louise Morris (Chairman)

Duck Cottage

126 Park Lane

Heytesbury BA12 0HE

Tel: 01985 840153

Ann E Perry

1 The Stables

Heytesbury Park

Heytesbury BA12 0HG

Tel: 01985 841474

Vanessa Sturmey

Garstons Bungalow

Park Lane

Heytesbury BA12 0HE

Tel: 07847941133

Responsibilities  of the Parish Councillors.

The Parish Council is the representative body for the parish of Heytesbury, Imber and  Knook incorporating  Tytherington and reports to Wiltshire County Council on a range of issues including (but not limited to) Planning, Highways, Rights of Way, Street Lighting, Play Areas.

The Parish Council consists of 11 plus a Clerk and meet monthly to discuss topics relating to the Parish.

The meetings are held in Heytesbury School.  The Agendas are posted on the three village noticeboards and the parish website.  The meetings start promptly at 19:15 hrs.

Date for 2020


January 21

Parish Council

February 25

Parish Council

April 21

Parish Council

April 21 Raymond Trust

May 19

Annual Meeting

May 26 Parish Meeting

June 23

Parish Council

June 23 Raymond Trust 23 June

July 21

Parish Council

September 15

Parish Council

September 22

Raymond Trust AGM Open to the public.

October 20

Parish Council

December 8

Parish Council


January 21

Parish Council













All meetings take place at Heytesbury School, High All Street, Heytesbury, Warminster BA12 0EA starting at 19:15

All members of the public are welcome

The Clerk holds a certain amount of minutes for the Parish Council meetings, these can be made available for inspection, by writing to the Clerk. Previous minutes for the Parish Council are held by Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre.

Information available from Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council under the model publication scheme

Next Meeting of Parish Council is  25 FEBRUARY 2020 at 7-15pm in Heytesbury School in the Hall.
Public Notices and Agenda are put on the Parish Website three (3) clear days before a meeting  Once the meeting has passed the date of the next meeting is advertised and the previous Agenda is placed under 2020 Monthly Agendas

Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council

Parish Clerk/RFO :  Heather Parks FSLCC

2(B) Prestbury Drive

Warminster BA12 9LB

Telephone : 07970780424

Link to Wiltshire County Council