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The ‘Association of Friends of Heytesbury, Knook and Tytherington Churches’, to give its full title, or the ‘Friends’ for short, is a registered charity (No. 1083252), founded in 1998, with the purpose of supporting the Parochial Church Council in maintaining the fabric, fittings (including bells, organs, etc.) and furniture of our three ancient and beautiful churches.  Our constitution ensures that money raised by the ‘Friends’ can only be used for this purpose, and not to meet the diocesan quota, or in connection with religious worship. 

We have some 121 household memberships but raise money, not so much from subscriptions, which are kept low (£5 a year per household or £3 for an individual – unchanged since our inception), but by running fund-raising events, such as concerts, thematic evenings (French evenings, antiques valuations, wine-tasting and the like), auctions of promises, Hatstand Opera (excerpts from operas presented informally by a small professional group) and, at Christmas, carol-singing round Heytesbury (accompanied by a group of musicians playing traditional local instruments). We also run a ‘hundred club’ for members of the ‘Friends’ only – £5 a ticket which buys entry to twelve monthly draws, each with two monetary prizes.  The key ingredient for all our fund-raising events is that we should enjoy laying them on, because we have always found that, as a result, those attending them also enjoy themselves. 

The Friends, a registered charity, was started in 1998 and, in the succeeding fifteen years has raised some £110,000, of which nearly £58,000 has already been paid to the PCC of Heytesbury with Tytherington and Knook for the maintenance of the fabric of these three ancient and beautiful churches.

The main purpose of the Friends is to extend support for the three churches beyond the comparatively small number of regular worshippers into the community at large. We usually have a membership of more than 100 whereas the parochial church roll is often less than half that. The other key factor is that, unlike funds raised by the PCC, which, in addition to paying for routine expenditure such as the Diocesan Quota, the cost of lighting and heating, as well as such items as grass cutting; money raised by the Friends can only be used for the long term maintenance of the fabric, fixtures and furnishings of our three churches.

Anyone wishing to join the ‘Friends’ should contact 


Membership Secretary:
Mike Tebbs (0198                    )                e-mail )

Peter Andrews (01985   ), e-mail